We offer 4 levels of bike fitting to suit the needs of all cyclists.   For recreational bikers looking to improve comfort (or remove discomfort) up to dedicated athletes wanting more power and speed, we can accommodate.   Ace Custom Cycles is a home based business so each appointment is a personal meeting tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Level 1 - existing bike


 A level 1 bike fitting is designed to help a cyclist with comfort-power-performance with their existing bike.  

Exact knee and hip positions are determined based on the rider’s level of flexibility and aggressiveness when cycling.  Seat height and saddle position are modified from the data provided during the fitting.  Recommendations are given as to any upgrades that will benefit each rider, and a report of the findings is provided.  

This level of fitting takes one hour to complete at a cost of $125.  If in the future you choose to complete a level 2 fitting the cost of the level one fit will go towards this new session.

Level 3: new bike

For people looking for a new bicycle – stock or custom.  


The new bike fit covers all the steps taken in the level 2 fit.   The customer has the option of steering this fitting towards either a stock bike OR a new custom bike from Ace Cycles.   If the stock bike is the choice then we include recommendations for 3 stock bikes from any manufacturer of the client’s choice. This fit includes product consultations and a detailed report on your fitting.  

If the choice is a custom bike then we start with a clean slate and can optimize the frame geometry to include options like lower bottom bracket for advanced cornering as just one of the many upgrades.


The level 3 fit takes 3 hours to complete at a cost of $295.  If the new bicycle is purchased from Ace Custom Cycles then $150 will be credited towards the bicycle purchase.

Level 2 - existing bike


This level of fit is also for someone with an existing bike who wants a more thorough and overall adjustment to the bike and body position.  Along with doing all the steps taken in level 1, attention is also given to the client’s back, shoulders, arms and hands.  

A full interview is done to ensure we know what problems exist, past injuries, and also what goals the client has for future riding.  Flexibility and skeletal measurements are taken.   

This process takes a couple of hours to complete at a cost of $295 and comes with a full report on what information was determined during the fitting.  


The information gathered in this session is useful months or even years after the fitting when looking for a new bike or other components that should be purchased to achieve a well fitting bicycle.

A credit of $150 can be used at any time in the future towards the purchase of any new bike from Ace Custom Cycles. 

Level 4: Triathlon / TT bike

For the athlete that is doing triathlons or time trials this is a great way of shaving time off your races.  The aerodynamics of the rider on the bicycle make up for half of the energy consumption, note that all of the bike equipment combined only make up for 15 percent of the energy consumed (bicycle weight, rolling resistance and frame stiffness make up most of the balance of energy consumed). 

If you compare your surface area to that of your bike it is easy to see how your body has a much greater impact on aerodynamics.  Most people look at this backwards, focusing on aerodynamic equipment as their top priority, spending lots of money for small gains.

An ideal aero position does not simply mean having the most aggressive riding position possible.  It means you must have as aerodynamic position as possible without sacrificing comfort or power.  When you trade power or comfort for aerodynamics you will have a hard time keeping a fast pace even on short courses, the net result will be slower times.

Our level four aerodynamic fit uses all the processes followed in a level 2 fit with the added focus of finding your ideal aerodynamic position in your time trail bars.  We start with a full interview to review your history and goals for the future.  Skeletal and flexibility measurements are taken along with measurements of your existing TT or triathlon bike. Then we move to the multi-adjustable size cycle to start working on all aspects of the fit from the cleat position, knee, hip, back, shoulders, elbows and hands. 

This can be done to work on your existing TT or triathlon bike or towards a new bike. The cost is $295 and includes a full report on what information was determined during the fitting.  A credit of $150 can be used at any time in the future towards the purchase of any new TT or triathlon bike from Ace Custom Cycles.


What do I need to bring for my professional fitting?

 - your existing bike, with pedals 

 - bike shorts 

 - comfortable top or jersey

 - bike shoes

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